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Want to save on gas? Try a moped.

These roommates are having fun -- while saving a little cash. These roommates are having fun -- while saving a little cash.

By Allison Wardley

    Gas prices are hitting record highs in the Palmetto State, causing some South Carolinians to find different ways to get around - on two wheels.

    USC students Brad Kieber and Joe Vellon are two who have started riding a moped.  In an effort to keep a little more money in their pockets, the roommates bought a scooter together.  They now keep their gas-guzzling cars parked in the driveway and use them only when necessary.

    The two agree that when it comes to their favorite mode of transportation, they prefer their new two-wheeled ride.

    "I take the moped anywhere I have to go in town.  Class, practice, to run to the store real quick.  There's no reason to take the car," says Vellon.

    Kieber adds, "It's just fun.  I wake up and I go, ‘I don't want to go to class' but then I realize I get to ride the moped. It just makes me happy."

    Mopeds are becoming a convenient alternative. You can park them at any bike rack.  Best of all?  You can fill up for four dollars and get nearly 100 miles on city streets.

    And Kiber and Vellon are not the only ones who realize the efficency of a moped.  Right now, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has about 200,000 scooters on the books.  That is a 46% increase from just 5 years ago.

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