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Identifying At Risk Students

Shallenberger was plotting to blow up Chesterfield High School. Shallenberger was plotting to blow up Chesterfield High School.

   By Brittany Jones

      Everyone thought Ryan Shallenberger was the typical high school senior.  He was described as a practical jokester and was the school Salutatorian.  Nobody expected he would be plotting to blow up Chesterfield High School

     Identifying at risk students is becoming harder.  Psycologists say the warning signs used to be obvious for troubled students.

     "The typical profile is of a loner who has problems with social skills...they're often times not happy, often times there are family problems", said USC Psychology professor Dr. Fred Medway.

     Shallenberger did not show any of these signs, but Medway says they could be bubbling under the surface and it is just a matter of time before all of the facts come out.

     "I guarantee you within a few weeks something will come out which will say that the signs have been there. These kinds of youth don't just appear out of the blue."    

     Prosecutors have recommended Shallenberger have a mental health evaluation.

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