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Honey is a Possible Cure To Springtime Allergies.

A Jar of Honey Could Cure Allergies A Jar of Honey Could Cure Allergies

By Catherine Martin

   The grass is green, flowers are blooming, and allergy season is in full swing.

   Urica Floyd is one of many who suffer from sneezing, watery eyes, and lots of congestion.  Every year she struggles to find the miracle drug that will cure her springtime misery.

  "I started out using Allegra or over the counter medications" said Floyd.  "Then I tried Claritin, Zuratec and Flonase."

   But there may be a better solution than any of these medications.  They answer could be as simple as opening a jar of honey.

  Lou Cattano, Department Manager of 14 Carrot Whole Foods in Lexinton, says local honey is a good source of treatment for allergies.

  "Bee's pollinate local flowers, which is used to make the honey" said Lou.  "But the pollen in the honey won't make you sick.  It's a tiny amount so when you eat it your body builds up the immunity to the pollen that's in the air."

   Instead of getting a vaccine, grab a spoon full of honey and before you know it, you can go outside and breathe a little easier.   

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