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Lizardman: Living Legend or Hoax?

Could this be what the Lizardman looks like? Could this be what the Lizardman looks like?

By:  Jenny Brady

             In June 1988 a creature described as part lizard and part human was spotted in the swamps near Bishopville.

            Now, almost twenty years later, stories of the creature affectionately called "Lizardman" are still around. 

            "He can pick up a car in one arm and a cow in the other and leap from here to the Piggly Wiggly," said Bert Lewis, a Bishopville barber.

            Although Lizardman is becoming a legend in South Carolina, not everyone believes the story,  Lewis believes Lizardman may just be a hoax and thinks it makes the town look bad.

            "I don't believe it was anything other than some deception," said Lewis.

            The Lizardman has been quiet the last 15 years.  In 1988 he was reported to have attacked a 17 year-old's car, and no other major incidents have occurred until recently when a family reported their parked car had also been damaged.

            Whether the Lizardman exists or not, residents of Bishopville have good reason to invest in car insurance.

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