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North Stone Apartment Fire Leaves Several Homeless

Residents Try To Salvage Whatever They Can After The Fire Residents Try To Salvage Whatever They Can After The Fire

by Janet Parker

Eight people escaped a fire that damaged their homes in a Northeast Richland County apartment complex Sunday night.

The fire at North Stone Apartments began around 6:30 PM when wind overturned a grill and the hot coals lit pine straw nearby, says Deputy Chief Aubrey Jenkins.

Four apartments were destroyed in the fire.  Andrew Bullard, who has lived in the complex for three month's, was not at home when the fire started.

"I got a phone call from the apartment complex telling me that the building next to me caught on fire and pretty much burned down and the apartment next to mine was in flames and mine was damaged...I was one of the lucky least I had some stuff left," he said.

The estimated damages are over $500,000, and the structure had no sprinklers or firewalls which are designed to keep the fire from spreading, Jenkins says.  Several damaged apartment units will be condemned for safety purposes.

Bullard and others are living with friends and family.

The Fire Department is helping residents salvage whatever they can find in the apartments and  The Red Cross provided clothing and food to residents of apartments hit the worst.

If you would like to volunteer to help residents from North Stone Apartments please contact the local Red Cross at 803-540-1242


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