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Aiken Businesses Welcome Master's Tournament Visitors

Palmetto Golf Club allows non-members during Master's Week Palmetto Golf Club allows non-members during Master's Week

By: Ashley L. Jeffery

     Golfers from all over the world flock to Augusta for the Master's Golf Tournament every April.  Hotels in Augusta are booked years in advance so that means businesses in surrounding counties reap their own benefits.  Aiken, less than a twenty minute drive from Augusta National Golf Course, is one town that welcomes the overflow. Hotels and other businesses try to make guests feel as special as possible.

     "We bring out special pastries, they're very upscale and we add alot more accomodations", says Sleep Inn manager Kasey Udan.

     Hotels aren't the only businesses working to make guests feel welcomed.  Master's week is the only time of the year non-members are allowed to play on the course at the Palmetto Golf Club in Aiken.

     "We're pretty much booked from 7 am to 4 pm every day this week", says club manager Tom Moore.

     While many amateur golfers tee off in the morning, they go to Augusta National Golf Course in the afternoon. 

     "We play golf in the morning and watch the game at can't just watch golf for ten hours a day", says Florida golfer John Dauerghty.
     Dauerghty isn't a professional golfer but that doesn't keep businesses in Aiken from treating him like one. 

     "We give complimentary beer 24 hours a day during the week of the Master's", says Sleep Inn Manager Kasey Udan. 

     But to get your complimentary beer, you to need to make your Master's reservations at least a year in advance.


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