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Spring Flowers Bring Misery to Some

By: Tess Rose

     Spring has arrived and so has allergy season.  USC student Ashley Rhoderick is suffering from the spring allergies.

     "I'm congested.  I have a runny nose.  I'm blowing my nose all the time.  I've been sneezing and coughing," said Rhoderick."

     Experts say that one out of five Americans suffer from allergies.  Dr. Mckenzie says it' sthe plant life that brings on the allergies. 

     "This time of year when a lot of different flowers and trees and grasses start to bloom and there's a lot of pollen in the air," said Dr. Mckenzie.

     And it's not just pharmacies that are packed with people.  James Jenkins says he goes to a car wash twice a week to wash the pollen off of his car.

     "Your allergies make you feel so bad and you get tired of trying to keep your car clean," said Jenkins.

     Doctors say allergies last through the summer and into the fall.


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