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Governor,DSS Finds Funding for 900 Child Care Vouchers

Vennisa Richberg, Mother of two Vennisa Richberg, Mother of two

by: Janet Parker

South Carolina's ABC voucher program that helps women in shelters and low income homes send their children to day care while they go to work will be funded by the governor and the state's welfare agency.

Governor Mark Sanford and the Department of Social Services have found a way to cover the $3 million dollar funding needed to continue the voucher program for these families.

DSS cut nearly 900 children from the program that helps more than 22,000 children in the state and was expanded last year to serve 822 more kids.

One midlands mother says the vouchers were a great help to her last year and allowed her to go out and get a part-time job.

"For stay at home moms if you're looking for work I feel as thought the ABC voucher is an opportunity to help with daycare where you can go and get helped me a very great deal," says Vennisa Richerberg, mother of two, living in The Hanna House.

To qualify for the voucher, a family of three can not earn more than $930 a month.

The proposal will have to be presented to the Senate as they review and begin working on the budget for the next few weeks.


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