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Digital Billboards in the Center of a Heated Debate

By Christine Gellatly

The Richland County Council meeting Tuesday was filled with people anxious to voice their concerns or support of a new technology popping up all over the county.  Digital billboards are all the rage among billboard companies but some residents say they are not good for drivers or the environment.

University of South Carolina professor, Van Kornegay is leading the opposition to the billboards. 

"I actually read the meter on the billboard on Gervais street for a 24 hour period and on Devine.  The billboard on Gervais uses 180 kilowatts in a 24 hour period.  The one on Devine was twice the size, used 31, which takes about what it takes to run my house in a 24 hour period," says Kornegay.

The advertising companies on the other say it's good for business.

Our advertisers love this technology.  The reason why is beacause it dispenses information immediately and its incredibly flexible for our advertisers say W. Scott Shockley, General Manager of Lamar Advertising.

Advertisers also like the new billboards.  Mary Lou Steinson from the Gastrology Association was at the meeting in support of them.

"For years we have worked with the billboard company to promote information of colon cancer prevention and screening," says Steinson.

For right now, the council is not ready to make a decision.  The vote has been postponed indefinitely.  Count on Carolina News to keep you updated.

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