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Drivers May Get Relief at the Gas Pumps

people at the pump say high prices are killing them people at the pump say high prices are killing them

By Catherine Martin 

   Gas prices are pushing three bucks per gallon nation-wide forcing drivers to use alternative transportation.  

   Patrick Reed, who works at Columbia's Carolina CafĂ©, uses a bike to make deliveries to avoid using gas.

  "It pulls too much money out of spending, it's ridiculous" says Reed.

  More college students on a tight budget are coping with gas prices by using shuttles and carpooling.  Geraldine Glover, a shuttle driver for College Suites, says more students are taking advantage of their services.

  "They don't want to drive their car," says Glover. They don't have the extra money to pay for gas."

  With gas prices so high and fewer people driving you may expect to see gas prices falling up to fifty cents a gallon as early as this spring or summer, says the Triple A motor club.

  Triple A says since fewer people are driving there is a larger supply of gasoline which should result in falling prices.

  Moses Bailey, a USC student, says lower gas prices would help him out tremendously.

  "I can spend more money on food and things I need rather than gas all the time," says Bailey.

  Reed says he will continue making deliveries with his bike until prices actually fall
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