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Hannah Treece

Hannah gaining real-life experience interning at WIS-TV in Colubmia Hannah gaining real-life experience interning at WIS-TV in Colubmia

Aspiring to tell people's stories across the country and the globe
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Minor: English
Broadcast aspirations: Investigative reporter or foreign correspondent for CNN or another major news network

On a mission trip to Honduras two years ago, Hannah Treece realized that people across the world have stories to tell that are powerful and meaningful, but no way to tell them. Thus, her love for journalism was born, an outlet for her passion of storytelling and digging deep to uncover things that most people would otherwise never know about. Growing up watching CNN and BBC also gave her a glimpse of the power of a broadcast journalism platform.  

Over the summer, she interned at WIS-TV in Columbia and got to work on many investigative stories, kindling her passion for digging in past what first meets the eye. One of her favorite stories was a piece uncovering a corrupt car dealership in West Columbia, who took advantage of many members of the community and was getting away with it. Through the airing of the story, the Department of Motor Vehicles proceeded to revoke his license, and seeing a story have real-life impact was powerful.

This taught her the value of local news, making her realize that it is what connects people and where people turn to first to learn about their community.

Hannah loves traveling the world, from Honduras to Italy to the U.K., and also loves road tripping across the states. In her free time, she enjoys nature and the mountains; hiking and camping are must-have stress relievers. She is an avid book reader, especially the Harry Potter series which she has read upwards of 7 times. 

If you would like to contact Hannah or have a story tip, email her at htreece@email.sc.edu, or find her on Twitter @h_treece and on Facebook @htreecemmj. 

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