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Irmo to vote for chickens


by Reece Funderburk

Chickens and coops have always gone together, but a vote happening Tuesday at the Irmo Town Council might change that. The vote will be the first step to legalizing backyard chickens in Irmo. They are already allowed in Lexington, West Columbia, and Cayce.

Irmo resident Tony Oravec created a social media group on Facebook called “Hens for Irmo” designed to gather support for the vote. The group currently has over 90 members. 

“One day my daughter asked me about having a farm and we compromised by agreeing to have chickens. So we looked into it to see if we could have chickens,” said Oravec, who discovered city law says no.  “I really haven’t heard anybody who said they wouldn’t like it.”

Oravec also says the group has been designed to be specific to Irmo and the response has been great so far.

Irmo city councilwoman Kathy Condom has been asking around other cities to get opinions on the situation since the issue was raised last December. She says she is worried about health regulations and ordinances.

Joshua Morton, a USC student from Greenville, joined the group after hearing about it online from a friend and supports the idea.

“We had chickens growing up at my grandparents,” Morton said. “I don’t see why they can’t.”

The meeting will begin Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Oravec plans to be there to gather as much support as possible.

“The first vote is tonight but we’ll see who will be there to support it,” Oravec said. “I know I will. “

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