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Why Can't Guys and Girls Communicate?

Students who said "Yes" when asked if they understood the opposite sex. Students who said "Yes" when asked if they understood the opposite sex.
Madeline Mulky said the discussion improved understanding. Madeline Mulky said the discussion improved understanding.

By Nikki Leak

A timeless question with many answers. Do men and women understand each other?

Student organizations on campus held events to explore the subject.

We got different answers when we asked students if they understood the opposite sex.

"Yes, I would definitely say yes," said Dasia Garvin.

"No. No, I have zero understanding of women," said Brian Valente.

"No. Nobody understands the opposite sex," said Malcolm Bevel.

One thing was repeated in every conversation: Communication between the sexes is important to understanding each other.

USC's South Tower residence hall hosted a discussion that provided the opportunity for men and women to talk Wednesday. Guy Code Girl Code served as a question and answer session where women and men could ask the opposite sex whatever they wanted.

The girls were ready to talk. The guys hesitated at first, looking at the crowd of girls warily. Once the questions started, the guys warmed up and offered their opinions.

The questions included; Why don't people go on dates anymore? Should you tell your friend about a cheating significant other? How much time is too much time together?

Madeline Mulky is a resident mentor in South Tower who organized the event.

 "I don't think we understand each other quite yet, but opportunities like this are perfect. It's important to know communication and talking about it will help one another understand each other better," said Madeline.

Allison and Emily are both freshmen who said the Q&A was helpful because they learned about different perspectives.

This was the second time Guy Code Girl Code was held at USC and the organizers said that they are excited to bring the event back to the students next year.

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