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John Kasich

By Courtney Thornley

Experience and results over ideas and promises. If there is one thing the Ohio Governor John Kasich has been consistent with in his debates, it is that he always brings up his record in Ohio in regards to any question thrown his way. But like they say, actions speak louder than words and, Governor Kasich makes sure to remind America of that. From cutting deficits, reducing taxes and creating jobs, Kasich brings his experience to the presidential race.

This is his major strength against some of the other candidates running. Kasich served as a member of Congress from Ohio for eighteen years, is the author of two New York Times best-sellers, and was the chairman of the House Budget Committee where he led efforts to balance the federal budget. He was able to convert Ohio’s $8 billion deficit to a $2 billion surplus and now he wants to balance America’s budget.

Another strength that Kasich is able to bring to the table is his position on abortion. His record shows that he is consistent with his pro-life stance. From opposing federal abortion funding in 2000 to defunding Planned Parenthood in Ohio in 2015, he is a candidate that the pro-life voters are looking for. Unlike some of his competing candidates including Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, flip-flopping is not a word used to describe Kasich on this issue.

One stance that may hurt Kasich during this era is his stance on gay rights. Back in 1999, he voted yes on banning gay adoptions in D.C. In 2010, he supported an amendment that aimed to prevent same sex marriage. Now in 2015, he says that he supports traditional marriage but it’s time to move on and he can respect and love gay people. Some might take these actions as a threat to the future of gay rights and Kasich not fully supporting gay right activists. Or some might take his actions as moving forward and supporting gay rights since the Supreme Court ruling.

Another issue that America is dealing with is the issue of immigration and Syrian refugees. This topic has created a fine line to show who is for immigration and allowing Syrian refugees into the country and who opposes it. Kasich thinks it is silly to ship eleven million illegal immigrants back to their native country. He wants to keep those families together and work on allowing legal immigrants to come over. But he does want to pause accepting Syrian refugees into America while the ISIS situation is resolved. But his competitor Trump, who is leading in polls, disagrees with Kasich’s ideals. Trump wants to make legal immigration difficult and has talked about building a wall for a stronger border. He wants to also ban Muslims from entering America. He did not say permanently but he has had a louder voice on this issue than most. That could be what is hurting Kasich the most. He needs to have a louder, more active voice in this presidential race if he wants the voters to hear him.

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