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Columbia still dealing with Boiled Water Advisory

The breached canal in Columbia. The breached canal in Columbia.
Owner of Villa Tronco tells us the minor changes they have made. Owner of Villa Tronco tells us the minor changes they have made.
Caroline Tilma is tired of boiling water Caroline Tilma is tired of boiling water

By: Olivia Lawrence

Columbia's main canal breached last week during the historic flooding. This canal is the main source for water in the City of Columbia. Many customers are still without safe water, still being ordered to boil the water used for consumption.

Crews have been working around the clock to build a new dam to keep the city's water plant intake operating. The National Guard has been filling bags with sand for Chinook helicopters drop into parts of the canal where the water has washed away the walls.

The city is making sure the canal is fixed correctly and water is steadily moving throughout before they allow customers to use their water again. Until then business owners and residents are still having to boil their water.

Carmella Roche is the third generation owner of Villa Tronco. Villa Tronco is family owned restaurant and is the oldest continually running restaurant in South Carolina.

"Well the fact that we're not able to have coffee or tea. We brought in bottled watered to make sure we are taking the correct steps for our customers," Roche said.

Roche also says they have brought it clean water to make their bread but other than that they aren't having too much of a problem because they have to boil their water to cook all of their pastas. She says business has been slower due to the fact that people are unable to drive on the roads but they have reservations booked for this weekend and hope the steady flow will continue.

Villa Tronco was supposed to be a part of the Italian Festival but it was canceled. Roche says how they had an abundance of food that was prepared for the Festival and they donated it to feed the first responders who helped with the flood victims.

Caroline Tilma is a senior at the University of South Carolina. She left before the flooding last week and returned to her home which was luckily in good condition. However she is tired of boiling her water and is ready for the advisory to be repealed

"I mean I'm a little annoyed, but I can't complain because other people have lost a lot more than me," Tilma said.

The city is not sure when the boiled water advisory will be repealed. You are able to wash clothes and bathe but do not drink or allow the water to touch your eyes.


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