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Dash Cam video captures traffic stop that led to police shooting in North Charleston

Cell phone video captures Officer Slager gunning down Walter Scott. Cell phone video captures Officer Slager gunning down Walter Scott.

By Matt Harvey

Dashcam video captured North Charleston police officer Michael Slager pulling over Walter Scott on the morning of April 4.

    “I'm pulling you over because you have a tail light out”, Slager is heard saying on the video.

    Slager then asked Scott for his Insurance and registration, neither of which he had on him. Slager is shown returning back to his patrol car. The audio is picked up in the video because officer Slager was wearing a microphone at the time.

     Moments later, Scott tries to get out of the car until Slager commands him not to. Less than 30 seconds later, Scott gets out of the car and runs off camera. The audio then picks up Slager firing shots and killing Walter Scott, who was unarmed at the time.

    This video was released days after the initial cell phone video that shows Scott attempting to run. Slager raises his gun and fires at the fleeing man.

    Slager has since been fired from the police force and charged with murder. The family of Walter Scott is left in mourning.

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