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Gov. Nikki Haley wants 'yes' for amendment two, responds to Sheheen's remark


 By: Jenny Iler

    Governor Nikki Haley and Lt. Gov. John McGill are urging voters to vote 'yes' on Amendment 2 on their ballots November 4. Amendment 2 will allow the governor to appoint the Adjutant General, or the leader of the South Carolina National Guard, with the approval of the state senate. That job now is an elected position.

     Haley says this will ensure that a qualified person will hold the position, instead of someone winning the election without any experience.

     "Right now we can elect anybody adjutant general," she said. "If they have enough money and can put commercials on TV they can win."

     The Adjutant General not only oversees the state's National Guard but is also involved in meeting environmental crises and disasters, like the unusual amount of snow the state received last winter. South Carolina is currently the only state that elects someone to this position.

     "How many states out of the 50 elect the Adjutant General?" Lt. Gov. McGill asked. "That's the question. One. So the answer must be the other 49 have it right."

       Haley couldn't avoid questions regarding Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen's offensive remark last week. Sheheen stopped in Florence, SC for a campaign event where he said...

     "...And we are going to escort whore out the door," he said. He then corrected by saying, "We're going to escort her out the door."   

     After the remark, Sheheen laughed with the crowd before moving on, but he did apologize a couple of days later. Even Ann Romney has expressed her outrage at the incident, saying that it discourages women from trying to enter the political sphere.

     Haley said there is no place in South Carolina for those kind of remarks or the laughter that followed.

     "Whether it was a gaff or not, I'm a tough girl, I can handle that," she said. "The laughing afterwards was a kick in the gut. The comment that, "sometimes you've got to tell the truth," was tough.. but I'm not going to waste my time on that."

        Haley holds a commanding lead over Sheheen in the polls, and there's no telling if his remark will even make a difference on Nov. 4th.

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