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Dogs head to dinner with their families

Two pups chow down on their cheddar biscuits. Two pups chow down on their cheddar biscuits.
Lily scans the area for food. Lily scans the area for food.

By: Ashley Dyer

     Have you ever wanted to take your dog out to dinner with you?  Maybe bond over a three course meal with them?  Well, Tuesday night families had the chance to do just that.  Dining With Dogs is a one of a kind dinner experience created by Marie Lipton, the owner of Pupcakes Columbia.   

    Lipton is the ultimate dog enthusiast who says she always wanted to dine with her dog, so she made it a reality.

    "I started seeing people at restaurants with their dogs outside on the patio and I thought hm, we could do that... so that's how it all began," says Lipton.

    Dining With Dogs is her unique little treat to the Columbia area for foodies who want to spend some quality time at dinner with their pups.  This is the sixth year Lipton has partnered with Mr. Friendly's and Solstice Kitchen restaurants.   The restaurants cater to the families, while Lipton serves each dog it's own appetizer, entree and finally dessert.

    She makes the doggy dishes with home made ingredients that are beneficial to the dogs health  The menu changes at each event, but last night the dogs were treated to cheddar biscuits for appetizers, tuna and noodles for their meal and pup cream ice cream as dessert.

    "They love interacting with their dogs and the dogs have such a good time they really enjoy themselves you know, it's just fun," Lipton says.

    Many guests Tuesday night were not first timers, but the few that were said it will not be their last time.  Solstice Kitchen hosted the event on their patio, so messy eating wouldn't be a problem.

First time customer,  Zoey Fowler, said the only thing on her puppy Lily's mind all day was steak and puppy dessert.

    "I'm really excited because I have never ate dinner with a dog.  She's special and she's not like a normal dog, she's a mutt and it's really cute," said Zoey.  

    Lipton says she tries to hold as many dog events as she can.

    "I'm a huge crazy dog lady.  You ever heard of the crazy cat lady?  Well, I'm the dog lady," Lipton laughs.

    The events continue through the fall.  Dog lovers can look forward to more Dining with Dogs dinners and a special Halloween puppy party.  Reservations for Dining with Dogs can be made on the Pupcakes website.

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