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Jimmy Phillips

“Something about barbecue hits people in a way like I’ve never seen.  It’s all about man being man, and there’s something primal about the whole thing. There’s nothing else like that back roads, down and dirty, eating with your hands feeling that only barbecue can give you. Starting this business has made me see barbecue in a whole different light. We do things a little differently here by putting toppings on our barbecue, but still the response has been outrageous. People come up to the window at the kitchen and tell us how good everything is, and we all just stand there in awe of how obsessed people get. Like, we know our food is good, but we’re still surprised every time someone tells us. This is the only industry where people always are asking for the cook to say how good it was.  People don’t just eat barbecue; they hunt it. It’s part of the subculture here. I didn’t even have to advertise, really. People just found the restaurant, and that amazes me. What other food is like that?”
-Owner, The Southern Belly in Columbia
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