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Protestors say they will be outside abortion clinic for 40 days

Demonstrators say their protest is pray based and peaceful. Demonstrators say their protest is pray based and peaceful.
More members of 40 Days for Life gather as the day goes on More members of 40 Days for Life gather as the day goes on

By: Catherine Ramirez

Demonstrators say their peaceful, prayer filled protest to try to end abortion will continue outside Columbia's Planned Parenthood office for the next forty days.

Members of an organization who call themselves 40 Days for Life have pledged to stand from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for forty straight days.

The group's campaign director Sharon Hall says she helped to close an abortion clinic when she lived in Wisconsin, and hopes to do the same here.

"When I moved here I had a great zeal to try to get this one closed. We've set a closing date for this abortion clinic for February 14, 2015," said Hall.

The South Carolina Legislature is debating the Fetal Pain Bill, which would outlaw abortion after 20 weeks. Proponents of the law say the fetus can feel pain. Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions after 13 weeks and 6 days, so this bill would not affect their practices.

Patti Richardson is Director of Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center. She agrees that 40 Days for Life and the proposed bill are both steps in the right direction.

"Hopefully more people will understand that it is a person. And the pain issue is huge. So I think that helps our viewpoint and that more people will understand that this is a human being inside a women's body," Richardson said.

40 Days for Life has vowed to stay outside until their voices are heard.

"We will be out here not matter what the weather because babies are being killed. Their comfort zone is being destroyed. We will be out here no matter what the weather," said Hall."

Planned Parenthood has had no response to the demonstration.

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