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Super Bowl Ads That Create Post Game Buzz

In Volkswagen's 2012 Super Bowl ad, a furry friend runs alongside the new beetle. In Volkswagen's 2012 Super Bowl ad, a furry friend runs alongside the new beetle.

By: Wrenn Woods


Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, but others just want to see the commercials. How does a Super Bowl ad get post-game buzz?

It was last year's Volkswagon ad featuring a kid dressed up as Darth Vader that created the most buzz after the game. A year later, do people still remember what that ad was for? Most of the students we talked to remembered the content but not the brand.

"Off the top of my head I can't say," says Brian Hayes.

"Kia... maybe? Or possibly Audi, yeah... see yeah I cant remember it," Robert Bell says.

"No, but I remember the commercial perfectly," says Margaret Stewart.

Most students can't even remember what their favorite commercial was for. Creativity and humor aren't the only things needed to make an ad memorable.

"It has a bunch of monkeys in it and there's a guy in an office and the monkeys keep messing with him. I can remember everything from about the commercial but I can't tell you what it's from," says Margaret Stewart.

An advertising spot in this year's Super Bowl costs 3.5 million dollars. That's not including production costs, which easily run into seven figures. Are these organizations spending their money wisely?

"You can come up with a funny commercial... people will see it eventually... just don't need to pay that for it to be on the Super Bowl," Jefferey Gaskins says.

Since most students don't remember the brand, what should advertisers do differently? USC advertising professor Bonnie Drewniany, who teaches a class on Super Bowl commercials, offers her advice.

"I think you have to be strategic... It's not just likeability, but you have to be persuasive and have a strong brand identity," says Drewniany.

USC student Brian Hayes recognizes an iconic trio that vocally identifies the Budweiser brand.

"Budweiser has had one every year. They had the frogs for years," says Hayes.

Students also have some tips for advertisers to highlight their brands.

"I think a lot of people will just concentrate on the entertaining factor instead of the commercial itself," says Margaret Stewart.

"You get your product out there enough, if you just have people see it enough. Then they'll buy it," says Laura Shram.

The competition will be tough for this year's ads. The anticipation rises as we await the commercials with the most buzz after Super Bowl 46.

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