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Bugging Out!

Michelle Gattis going through her apartment. Michelle Gattis going through her apartment.

By: Lauren Fulp

Michelle Gattis moved out of her apartment Monday night after three months of putting up with an infestation of bed bugs. She was released from her lease at the USC Lofts last Friday and has been living with her parents in Chapin.

It started in October with a gnat infestation. She kept getting bit even after the exterminator treated her apartment.

"I had bites all over me and I was wondering where it was coming from and the only thing I could see was the gnats," said Gattis.

The exterminator came back and told her that he thought she had bed bugs when he had been there.

Michelle believes the bed bugs came from a couch that was given to her neighbor from the Lofts storage room.

"Two of her guys friends pulled it our, and they got bit, and they knew right then the bed bugs were coming from their couch," said Gattis.

Exterminator Jimmy Simms from Modern Exterminating Company says that bed bugs can be picked up anywhere.

"You can carry them home, then you have house guests and they carry them home with them and they just get the spread all over the place," said Simms.

Gattis has found a new place to live and plans to move in at the end of February.

"I'm very excited to move there because I have friend there and I know it's a much better place," said Gattis.

Gattis turned her key in to the Lofts Tuesday morning. The USC Lofts said they were not speaking to the media and phone calls to the corporate office for a comment were not returned.

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