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Sky High Safari Has Visitors' Knees Shaking Above Riverbanks Zoo

Climbers are harnessed to allow a safe trek through the three story course. Climbers are harnessed to allow a safe trek through the three story course.

By: Kaitlin Stansell


     Riverbanks Zoo offers a new dimension t with a three story rope course called the Sky High Safari. The course allows visitors to get a bird's eye view of the animals, while balancing through treacherous obstacles.

     "It allows Moms and Kids to come to the zoo and come together and not only view animals from a different perspective and also to have fun together," Riverbank's Tommy Springfellow said."You get to go across the cargo net like a spider crossing a web. You get to go across a beam like a panther on a tree limb."

     The Sky High Safari features 30 balance-testing obstacles spread over three levels. The attraction can accommodate more than one visitor at a time. Climbers are harnessed to an overhead safety system, and children must be at least 48 inches tall to participate without parental supervision.

     Names like "Lily Pad" and "Taco Ropes," sound harmless, but elements of the course are designed to test the faint of heart.

        "It's probably the confidence level when you get up there and you realize how high you are off the ground, and some of the ropes that you climb on move a little bit. So, it's more of that, can I challenge myself to overcome the fear of climbing?" Springfellow said.

     Sky High Safari is located near the African Savanna exhibit across from the Giraffe Overlook. It is open daily from 10am-4pm. The cost to climb is $5 for individual and Family-level members, $3 for Explorer, Patron and Gold-level members, and $7 for the general public along with paid regular admission to the Zoo.



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