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Keeping the Resolutions Alive: How USC Students Feel About Making Year Long Promises

Dylan Withers is a Senior at USC who is not planning to give up his resolutions any time soon. Dylan Withers is a Senior at USC who is not planning to give up his resolutions any time soon.

  By:Jordan Moore

   February is approaching and it is not surprising some people have not stuck with their resolutions. Some USC students, like Dylan Withers, have been making resolutions for years.

"When I was like five I always made a New Years resolution not to pick my nose but I always did it anyway," Withers says. 

   He has tried to make more reasonable resolutions since then so he can carry them through the year.

"Last year's resolution was to start taking cold showers and I have pretty much kept through with that," he said.

  While Dylan is adamant these New Year's resolutions can work,some students are not even going to bother. They feel these resolutions are pointless.

One example of a student who is anti resolution is sophomore Hanna Cato.

"You can't really stick to them they don't work because you forget about them later on and they are not as important as they were originally," said Cato. 

  For students like Hannah who struggle with keeping their resolutions all year, Dylan offers a simple piece of advice, "Just don't over commit."

  This is exactly what Lana Garner, a partner at About Your Health says too.

   "They try too much all at one time," said Garner.

   Garner's specialty is in massage therapy, thermography and muscle testing. When she has first time clients come through her office she says their goals are usually too lofty. 

  "If they take it one step at a time, a lot of times when people come here and they really just have no clue what to eat so that they can feel better," she said.

   Even though not all students agree with the hype of keeping a New Year's Resolution, this will not stop Dylan from continuing to make resolutions.

"Swimming and Running Barefoot that's pretty easy I think I can follow through," Dylan said.


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