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At Saluda River Baptist, torn between Gingrich, Romney

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Voters at Saluda River Baptist braved the weather to cast their GOP primary votes Voters at Saluda River Baptist braved the weather to cast their GOP primary votes

By Derek Legette

Rain sprinkled on and off at the Saluda River Baptist precinct Saturday, but that didn't stop people from walking through the moist grass to casts their votes.

Republican voters said they supported former House Speaker Newt Gingrich because of his fiscal conservative policies.

Larry Scott, who was concerned about jobs and the economy, said Gingrich has "plenty of experience." One voter, who did not want to give his name, said Gingrich was a conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

However, others still went with the former Massachusetts governor. Chris Metze, 23, said he supported Romney because he appeals to independents. "I think he has leadership. I think he has made tough choices in the private sector," Metze said.

Ernie Pollock voted for Romney as well, but out of spite of the other candidates. "I couldn't vote for the others; based on lack of experience and because of Newt Gingrich's arrogance," he said.

Pollock, 65, cited other candidates that he didn't care for. "Rick Perry was another bub of Bush; Michele Bachmann was persona non grata. Ron Paul is non electable, and he looks too old. Rick Santorum is vote-grabbing rather than leading," Pollock said.

Paul may be 76, but 55-year-old Jerry Brunelle and his wife still decided to vote for the Texas congressman.

"I like his idea of ending all foreign aid," Brunelle said. He said he also voted against Romney because of his anti-union views.

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