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Advocacy Against Child Sex Abuse

Advocacy Center Interviewer talks about how to identify child sex abuse Advocacy Center Interviewer talks about how to identify child sex abuse

One out of four girls and one out of six boys are sexually abused in some way by the age of 18 in the United States.

Therapist Brooke Wymer at the Dickerson Child Advocacy Center says it's important to recognize changes in a child's behavior patterns, because that could be a sign of sexual abuse.

"If you are noticing they are reverting back to their old ways like bed wetting again, sucking their thumbs, or maybe they have difficulty eating or changing sleeping habits, it is possible that they may be sexual abuse victims," says Wymer.

Advocacy Centers like Dickerson and A.R.C. are non profit safe houses for children who are abused or suspected of abuse in their home. A doctor at the A.R.C child center in Richland says it's important for suspect victims to come to the center because most of the time when a child is abused, no one will ever know.

"Of all the true child sexual abuse victims in America, about two thirds of them will never tell anyone about it until they are adults," says Doctor Alison Foster.

Doctor Foster urges adults working with children to recognize children's patterns and take full advantage of the child abuse centers.


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