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NCAA Approves Extra Money For University Athletes

Terry Cousin talks about how this extra money will benefit student athletes. Terry Cousin talks about how this extra money will benefit student athletes.

By: Tripp Girardeau

USC athletes on full scholarships may soon be receiving an additional $2000. The NCAA leaderss just approved what they are calling a living stipend.

Some USC officials believe this new stipend will benefit student athletes and the athletic program.

"The University has gotten a lot of in fractures as far as impermissible benefits for student athletes and hopefully by the end of the day, when it is all said and done some of these things that are put in place in now will allow athletes not to look outside for the help and that assistance,"says Director of Player Development Terry Cousins.

Some althetes welcome the rule, others think the extra money isn't necessary.

"I think the NCAA is doing a good job paying us already," says Lekeisha Sutton, the point guard for the women's basketball team.

"What's $2000 more dollars compared to a $60,000 full scholarship," says Cayci Ruppe, USC women's golf team member.

Student athletes like Sutton and Ruppe also say that they believe all players should be compensated equally instead of just those with full scholarships.

As of now there is no exact date of when the athletes will receive this new benefit.

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