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Scott Waggoner: Sports knowledge and a hunger for debate

By Scott Waggoner
Edited by Brett Weisband

Before coming to USC, I had little idea what it takes to be a journalist. I thought the job was about gathering some facts and inserting timely quotes to create something people will read.

But I couldn't have been more wrong. I've learned to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator and mastered the art of taking a headshot photo as well as many other skills.

I think writing stories that force readers to think differently is a good goal for journalists. Journalism should deliver the most significant news to people concisely.

Sports drove me to journalism. I played a lot of sports growing up in Connecticut and was on my high school's golf team, but my 130-pound frame probably isn't going to translate into a professional sports career. However, I have always had a passion for analyzing and debating sports, and will argue for hours about the best running back in the NFL.

My television is always on ESPN, and I envy those who get paid to talk about sports, hoping one day that will be me. In five years I want to be blogging about sports for a website or recapping games for a news outlet.

The reporting and writing challenges I will face this semester will be a good test before I am out in the real world, and I'm looking forward to getting started.

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