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Brett Weisband: Passion for sports and a knack for journalism

By Brett Weisband
Edited by Scott Waggoner

As an 18-year-old who thought myself to be a pretty good writer, who grew up idolizing writers like Jayson Stark and Stephen A. Smith, I thought all I would need for a future career would be my passion for sports and those writing skills.

I've learned there is more to journalism, of course, but those notions have led me to where I am now. That passion for sports will always be there. I'm not just interested in the statistics and records. I want to know who is calling the shots, why a decision is made and the effects of that decision. As a kid reading the sports section, I was always drawn to stadium deals and trade negotiations over box scores.

I read the newspaper every morning growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania as far back as I can remember. Now, I read news online daily. I consider journalism a valuable tool, to educate the public and keep tabs on public figures. I love stories that expose issues or events the average person probably would not hear of otherwise.

While I don't see a life as a reporter, I am relishing the opportunity to live this semester as one. Five years from now, I intend to be one of those people making the decisions for a sports franchise. Having spent the summer of 2011 working in the Tampa Bay Rays' front office, I don't think I'll be satisfied until I get back to a similar environment.

While my fantasies about being the next great sportswriter might not come to be, everything I've learned in the J-school, matched with my passion and knowledge for sports, will hopefully lead me to a plush leather chair, making the decisions for a team somewhere.

And, hopefully, I can stay on good terms with the reporters.

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