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Easter Has Different Meanings For Many People

Dr. Erin Roberts shows her favorite part of Easter: Peeps candy Dr. Erin Roberts shows her favorite part of Easter: Peeps candy

By: Dana Fisher

Easter Sunday is a reminder of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. Each year Christians around the world take the time to rejoice in the return of their lord and savior.

Over the years the meaning of Easter has taken on many meanings.

Early Christianity professor Dr. Erin Roberts had to admit despite teaching religion, Easter brings one specific thing to mind.

"I really think about the peeps. But also the candy, colored eggs, bunnies, and flowers. Bright colors," Dr. Roberts said.

Bryn Acuff at USC's Baptist Collegiate Ministry said she takes a personal interest in the holiday.

"For me from a religious aspect, I always think of Jesus and how he died for me. Just the sacrifice that happened on Easter and his resurrection," Acuff said.

Early Christianity professor Dr. Erin Roberts said the holiday is highly associated with the end of Christ's life.

"Some equate his last supper with the Passover meal. So from the beginning there is a very tight connection between the end of Jesus' life and this Easter festival," Dr. Roberts said.

Acuff also agrees that Easter has taken on new meanings.

"I think for most of America it's kind of turned into the Easter Bunny, make sure the kids have fun, bright colors, all that kind of stuff," Acuff said.

While the holiday has become known for bunny rabbits, Easter baskets, and candy, religious aspect of the holiday is still alive and well.


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