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Did You Hear What's at the Bottom of Lake Murray?

What is at the bottom of Lake Murray? What is at the bottom of Lake Murray?

By Chris Peterson

People in South Carolina have enjoyed Lake Murray as a place to relax and enjoy water sports since its construction in 1930. But there is something about the lake most people don't realize.

There have long been rumors about what actually lies at Lake Murray's bottom. We've all heard the stories. Towns, bridges, planes, and even graves are rumored to rest beneath the water.

Randall Shealy is a Lake Murray historian and he says that he's heard all the stories.

"I cannot believe the number of what I call untrue stories, that are floating around and have been for years" said Shealy.

Many of the stories are simply rumors, but several are true. Local historian Ed Fetner says there is one particular story that he enjoys. Lake Murray was used as a testing ground for B-25 Bombers during World War two. Rumors say five of them crashed into the lake.

"There's rumors of others, but only one has ever been found. Back in World War two, at that time one fell and they came and got it out" said Fetner. "But, the one we're talking about in Lake Murray was down about one-hundred and forty feet" said Fetner.

Randall Shealy says the rumors are just that and nothing more.

"What is not under the lake, that so many of these stories out there are about is all these towns and also that the lake was dug out" said Shealy.

Ed Fetner says there were a few houses left behind.

"From what I've been told is that the whole area was cleared out, generally, except for down on the old river bottom. I understand that they had not completed the tearing down of the houses and moving people out and that sort of thing" said Fetner.

In addition to a few houses and planes the lake also covers bridges, railroad cars and graves. To be exact the lake contains 193 cemeteries with 2,323 graves.

While most of the stories you hear about the lake are nothing more than stories, Lake Murray holds several unique legends that lie beneath the water.

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