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Moms and Daughters are Getting Fit Together

Moms and Daughters are Getting Fit Together

USC trainer Samantha Brewer says parental support is key to the programs success. USC trainer Samantha Brewer says parental support is key to the programs success.

By:Courtney Khondabi

     The Palmetto Health Hospital has a new exercise program that lets mothers and daughters get in shape as a team.

     The Healthy Palmetto Challenge gives low-income families a chance to live a healthier life.

     Five mother-daughter teams are chosen to be a part of the four-month exercise program, and it's completely free.

     Each team works out twice a week, attends counseling, a nutritionist, and even a doctor once a week.

     Latonya Boyd and her twelve-year-old daughter Kayla are a part of the program. She says the program has helped them make healthier choices.

    "I said Kayla we can work together, even when we are done with this program we can continue to eat healthy and exercise daily," said Latonya.

    Kayla says she needs her mother's motivation to get through the challenge.

    "If she wasn't doing it I wouldn't want to practice the things we are supposed to be exercising," said Kayla.

    USC Good Bodies trainer Samantha Brewer says moms are essential to the program's success.

    "The mother to me is the biggest role in the family," she said, "having that parent support is everything."

    Samantha says the program focuses on more than just losing weight. She says it's about leading these families to healthier lifestyles.

    "Hopefully by encouraging more physical activity and better eating choices, then weight reduction happens, or at least no weight gain," said Samantha.

    Latonya and Kayla are nearing the end of their four month journey and say they are optimistic."

    "Before I couldn't do much pushups, but now I can do a lot without stopping," said Kayla

    "Before the pre-testing I wasn't able to do all the challenges," Latonya said, "I had to stop, but this time I want to exceed all of the challenges in the post test."

    Latonya and Kayla will get their final weigh-in and final testing next week. Samantha says she is optimistic about their progress.

    I definitely hope and think we will see better results," said Samantha.

    The Healthy Palmetto Challenge will start recruiting all new mother daughter teams next spring.

    Visit the USC Good Bodies web site for more information.



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