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Fire Prevention Tips

Be Prepared:

  •      Is there another way to get rid of debris?
  •      Is it recyclable?
  •      Gather tools you need.
  •      Divide large piles into small piles.
  •      Is someone available to help?
  •      Don't burn near homes or other structures.
  •      Have a plan.

Understand the laws about burning:

  •      SC Code of Laws Section 48-35-10
  •      "Starting a fire in woodlands, grasslands and other places shall be unlawful unless certain precautions are taken."
  •      This includes notifying the SC Forestry Commission prior to burning

Respect the Weather:

  •      Check weather forecasts
  •      How long has it been since the last rainfall?
  •      Any high or gusty winds?
  •      What is the wind direction?
  •      Where will the smoke travel?

Never Leave your fire:

  •      Watch for sparks
  •      Pay attention to smoke
  •      Make sure its dead before you leave
  •      If in doubt...put it out.

    Call the Richland County Forestry Commission For More Tips and Rules: 1-800-517-9638

     or Click Here to see the laws on outdoor burning.

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