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Backstage: stories behind belly dance

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Backstage: stories behind belly dance

By Ellen Meder
Edited By Sam Barker

Other than creating gorgeous performances, the belly dance classes Natalie Brown teaches have many varied, positive effects on the individual dancers.

"In a state where domestic violence is so high, I get a lot of women coming into my classes that are dealing with some serious issues. They're changing their posture and it's giving them their bodies back and that will change their lives. That's something really amazing to watch." – Natalie Brown, tribal belly dance instructor and director of Delirium Tribal and Columbia Alternacirque.

"When people look at me and my body is different and they talk bad about me, I don't care anymore. They should be jealous of how strong I've gotten and all the amazing things I can do with my body they can't." – GiGi Moody, 14, one of Natalie Brown's belly dance students for over a year.

"When you get to know the other dancers it's like you can read each other's minds. You learn everyone's body language to make it easier to communicate on stage without words, but it also makes for very close friendships. It's almost like a family how we can read each other." – Amanda DiFeterici, dancer for Delirium Tribal.


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