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Study Finds Link Between Fiber in Diet and Respiratory Health

Sodexo Executive Chef Jeff DeBacker Sodexo Executive Chef Jeff DeBacker

by Ed Neuhaus

A diet rich in fiber has always been considered healthy, but a recent study has found even more health benefits from eating foods rich in fiber.

An American Cancer Institute study reports finding a link between a diet rich in fiber and a reduced rate of death due to respiratory problems.

USC Dietician Deborah Zippel says the average American eats about ten grams of fiber a day, but that that's less than half of the ideal amount.

"The research study that's recently been published demonstrated that men who consume thirty grams of fiber a day and females that consumed twenty five grams of fiber a day had the most health benefit," Zippel said. "I believe it was about a 22, 25 percent reduced risk of mortality."

Planit Healthy in USC's Russell House offers students healthy food that should provide the recommended amount of fiber they need. On average, Planit Healthy options include 3-5 grams of fiber per serving. Sodexo Executive Chef Jeff DeBacker says that they provide adequately healthy options for students.

"Throughout all of our platforms we always have healthy options that fit within the balanced way idea," DeBacker said.




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