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Simple pleasures, like reading the newspaper on a fencepost, are what fuel Chris Secrest to continue his crusade for truth.

Chris Secrest: Neurosis and the news

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Chris Secrest: On the border between reader and reporter

By Chris Secrest
Edited by Andrea Losey

As a little boy, I would clamor for a group activity called "round-robin writing." Each student started a yarn of his own setting the background and, when the bell rang, that person would trade with the nearest classmate to add depth until the bell rang again.

Once the new author quickly caught up, he plotted a fresh perspective as best he could. This continued until each student possessed a saga several pages long. Every child would jump to the front of the class and excitedly recite his or her patchwork prose.

I had been crowdsourcing and didn't know it. My love for social media started to grow.

Born in the Upstate, I've spent most of 21 years trying to cultivate my passion. I lived in a small town where the bar was never set very high, and I hope to raise it.

Luckily, I have other loves that integrate well into my particular career path. Debate regarding music, movies, and literature is a constant occurrence in my life. Reading, watching and listening to the work of artists has helped me shape my own. Journalism is my way of teaching people, creating an informed society for future citizens.

I've come through college at a time that has been declared "the Information Age." I feel quite comfortable awash in the instantaneous alerts and updates. It can be viewed simply as the never-ending narrative that is life and its main characters. A wise man once said journalism is storytelling. I just tell them as they were told to me.

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