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Columbia's American Idol Contestant Loved the Experience

Jeffrey Lampkin sings "A Whole New World" for Carolina News Jeffrey Lampkin sings "A Whole New World" for Carolina News

By: Jonathan Rodriguez

 Jeffrey Lampkin began his singing career in his parent's back yard at age four. Lampkin said he would imitate singers like Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston.

Despite his years of singing experience, Lampkin wasn't convinced that American Idol was for him.

"People would say 'Jeffrey! You need to try out for American Idol.' And I'd be like 'Child, boo!' Who does that'," said Lampkin.

When American Idol auditions came to South Carolina, Lampkin changed his mind. He sang before Randy, Paula, and Simon and they passed him on to the next round in Hollywood.

Lampkin continued on to the final 72 but was finally sent home after his rendition of "A Whole New World."

"I felt a lot of pressure on my back. We got to the chorus and Paula just said, 'That didn't work,'" said Lampkin.

"Live your best life now. Achieve your dreams. Go for your dreams," says Lampkin.

Lampkin works for WACH FOX in Columbia as their entertainment correspondent.

He is also releasing a new album in June.



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