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Pupcakes Pet Boutiques Serves Up Three Course Meal... for Dogs

Timbo enjoyed his fruit parfait dessert. Timbo enjoyed his fruit parfait dessert.

By: Kayla Parker

The people at Pupcakes Pet Boutique teamed up with Solstice Restaurant and spent all day Tuesday preparing a three-course meal for dogs. Their owners were also invited for dinner.

"The appetizer is going to be a cheese biscuit. The entree is shepherd pie. And the dessert is going to be fruit parfait," Pupcakes Pet Boutique owner Marie Lipton said.

Eleven dogs came to enjoy the dinner with their owners. They arrived around 7:00 p.m. and waited patiently for their treats. One canine customer that didn't leave a single crumb on his plate. His name is Timbo and he is a Leonberger, which is a very large breed.

"He's about 29½ inches tall at the shoulder, and a 130 pounds," his owner Cindy Thompson said.

Thompson says Timbo loved this meal and it was a rare treat.

"And he would have like to have eaten everyone else's too!" Thompson said.

Thompson says this meal for Timbo was simply an appetizer.

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