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Columbia Jewelry Store Expands Despite Tight Economy

By: Caitlin Hunt

Posted: October 7, 2010 10:00 AM

Carolina Fine Jewelry has moved to a new, larger location off of Forest Drive despite a still-struggling economy and high South Carolina unemployment rate.  The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce latest figures show the state's unemployment rate has increased to 11 percent.

Owners say they made the move because the current economic situation meant they could get a good price for their new location and would give them more space to be ready when the situation improves. 

"If you expand when you can and in bad times, if you position yourself, when times do get better, you'll get paid off in higher dividends than typically if you don't expand,"

The decision did not come without some concerns. 

We were very excited about having a new beautiful store, but there's always a little bit of tension in the air with concern about sales," said manager Whitney Bank. 

Carolina Fine Jewelry's owners say sales for birthdays and anniversaries are down but they're still seeing engagement rings as their top sellers.



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