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Columbia's Palmetto Health Baptist Gets A $57 Million Upgrade

Newly remodeled operating rooms are bigger and more advanced. Newly remodeled operating rooms are bigger and more advanced.

BY Justin Pryor

Posted: October 1, 2010

A five year, $57 million face-lift on the operating rooms at Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital is finally finished.  The hospital's 21 operating rooms have been remodeled and refitted with cutting edge technology including lights, monitors, and computer stations.

"Anything you can think to increase patient safety and enhance the workplace for our surgical team," said Nurse Linda Branham.

The hospital wanted to double the size of the operating rooms from 300 to 600 square feet.  Also, too provide the latest technology for better patient care.

"I'm pretty much able to control everything from my nurse's station," said Branham. "If I'm not at my nurse's station I'm right up against my patient and I'm able to do everything without jeopardizing my patients safety and the sterility of the operating room."

New arms drop from the ceiling extending a screen and box with every type of medical equipment outlet to the operating station. That eliminates cords and gives surgeons instant access to patient's medical records.

New technology also allows for smaller incisions which allow the average patient to recover faster.  Families can also watch a monitor that shows the patient's progress throughout the surgery. A new "mayday" panic button is also a big hit with the nurses.

"If you need something you're able to hit it and it sends an alarm out to the desk," said Nurse A.J. Barid. "So there's always someone at the desk that can respond quickly to that call for help."

The hospital hopes these upgrades will translate to better and safer care for the patients.

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