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750 Year Old Bible Added To USC Rare Books Collection

The Breslauer Bible is the only one of its kind in the southeast. The Breslauer Bible is the only one of its kind in the southeast.

By Justin Pryor

Posted: Sept. 21, 2010 11:15am

If you want to see what 750 years of history looks like, now is your chance.

The rare books collection at the University of South Carolina's Thomas Cooper Library recently acquired a rare edition of the Breslauer Bible.  The Breslauer Bible is one of the first pocket Bibles printed around 750 years ago, and is the only one of its kind in the southeast. 

"This is a preacher's Bible. A very small print, very compact edition that these traveling friars and manuchan preachers could use as they traveled about preaching," said Dr. Patrick Scott, Director of Specialty Collections.

Scott says for such a small book the Bible means a lot to the University's rare book collection.  The library paid $77,000 for the Bible, which came from several generous donations.

"It's the only complete medieval Bible in this region of the United States," said Dr. Scott.

Students also see the Breslauer Bible as a positive acquisition by the University.

"It's cool to know that my school has such ancient books around, and that we have an advantage like that.  No other school in the southeast has that," said Jamie Blood, a junior at USC.

The Breslauer Bible is now available to faculty and students for viewing at the Thomas Cooper Library's Rare Collections Library


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