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New 92 Holds Saint Jude’s Radio-thon

Local volunteers answered calls at the radio-thon. Local volunteers answered calls at the radio-thon.

by Erica Montgomery

Radio-thons are held all over the United States to raise money for the Saint Jude's Research Hospital. And on Wednesday, New 92 FM hosted their own radio-thon.

Saint Jude's Research Hospital gives treatment free of charge to thousands of children every year.  But with a daily operating cost of $1.5 million, they depend on fundraisers to keep the hospital going.

DJ James is passionate about what the hospital does.

"When you walk in there is not a sense of foreboding. There is not a sense of dread or doom.  There is a sense of hope, there is a sense of family.  There is a sense of urgency that they want these kids well and they want them well now.  And they do help kids get well," said James.

In 2009, the hospital treated 5,700 children.  The most common type of cancer that Saint Jude treats is Leukemia, which has a success rate of 94 percent.

"It boggles the mind how many lives they save every single year," said James.

But sixteen-year-old Chase Hamm knows that Saint Jude's Research Hospital is more than just a hospital.

"It's more or less like a playground… you know a family… a home," said Chase.

He knows this – because he is a Saint Jude's patient.  In the past two years, Chase was diagnosed with a brain tumor and cancer of the skull.

But he says Saint Jude's helps kids forget about their sickness.

"They don't want to be a cancer patient, they want to be a kid," he says.          

Chase's cancer is now in remission, and now he is enjoying his teenage years – all thanks to Saint Jude's Hospital.

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