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Old Jewelry Raises Money for Women's Shelter

Customers browse the wide selection of donated jewelry Customers browse the wide selection of donated jewelry

  By: Ed Cahill 

  April 1, 10:06 a.m.

     USC campus organizations are trying to raise awareness and collect money to help worthy causes. The Feminist Majority Leaders Alliance began their second day of selling used jewelry to raise money for the Columbia Women's Shelter on Tuesday.

    The shelter helps women with affordable housing and rehabilitation. President Kathleen Kemp says the results of this year's sale have surpassed all her expectations

    "This is actually really exciting. Yesterday, we raised $436. I was so shocked! Our goal for the whole was $400," she said.

    They can thank shoppers like Regina Toliver who took home plenty of jewelry Monday but says she couldn't resist coming back for more.

    "I always come out and look at the beautiful jewelry the ladies have on the table. I think they're doing a beautiful job and I think I'm one of their number one customers," she said.

    With most jewelry priced right around $2 there's hardly an excuse not to at least browse the selection. But how can the group afford to price everything so low?

    For the past few weeks, USC students and faculty have been donating their old jewelry to the sale.  Kemp hopes everyone takes away one lesson.

     "I hope everyone just realizes that there are simple ways to give back to your community. And that there are populations outside our campus that really do need our help," she said.

     All the money raised from the sale will go directly to the Women's Shelter to help homeless women and children eventually find their way into a home of their own.

     You can find out how to help with a donation to the shelter by clicking here

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