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Columbia's Bow Tie Expert Popular at Carolina Cup Time

Lucky teaches a wife how to tie her husband's bow tie before the Carolina Cup Lucky teaches a wife how to tie her husband's bow tie before the Carolina Cup

By Lee Scurry

Posted Mar. 29, 2010  10:45 AM

If you were to look at a list of famous people from Columbia, Lucky Levinson's name probably would not be on it.  But he is known worldwide for what he does: tie bow ties.

"I am the worlds best at tying a bow tie," says Lucky Levinson who works at Brittons on Devine Street.

Lucky has the numbers to back up his claim.  About three years ago a friend told Levinson he should post a how-to video on tying bow ties on the Internet.  Now Lucky says his video has the most views of any bow tie instructional on YouTube.

"Number one on the Internet.  And that's not me being arrogant.  The numbers show it," Levinson says.

Almost 800,000 people have watched his instructional video since he first posted it.

Levinson says he spent the entire week before Carolina Cup showing guys how to tie their new bow ties.

"I taught maybe a hundred people to tie their bow ties this week."

Levinson says he has been featured in newspapers and television shows across the country, just demonstrating how to properly tie a bow tie.

Lucky Levinson is Columbia's very own bow tie connoisseur.  He may never be a millionaire but one day his video will hit that million viewed mark.

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