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Appliance Rebates Could Save You Money

Refrigerators have a $50 rebate level. Refrigerators have a $50 rebate level.

By Laurin Huffstetler

3:45 PM Mar 17, 2010

Updated 11:25 AM Mar 18, 2010

South Carolina has almost $4 million in federal stimulus money to give away to people who buy energy efficient appliances. 

The rebate program starts March 31 and the rebates will range from $50 to $500.  The rebates apply only to customers who purchase new Energy Star certified appliances after the start of the program.

"To get the Energy Star certification, the appliance has to be at least 20% more efficient than standard appliances," says appliance salesman Rick Abercrombie.  "An Energy Star washer could only use about $16 a year in water."

Customers who buy appliances at retail stores will receive the rebate instantly at the register.  People who buy things like water heaters installed will get mail-in forms.  There will be an electronic system tracking the rebates and once the stimulus money runs out the program will end.

Customers who purchase a new appliance must also turn in the old unit to receive the rebate.  Retailers and contractors participating in the rebate program agreed to recycle all old appliances. 

You can find out more information about the rebates and participating retailers and contractors at South Carolina rebates.

The appliances must meet minimum energy efficiency levels to be eligible and will be marked with the Energy Star seal of approval. 

Here's a list of appliances and rebates.

  • Clothes washers - $100
  • Dishwashers - $50
  • Refrigerators - $50
  • Room Air Conditioning Units - $50
  • Central Air Conditioning Units - $200
  • Heat Pump - $500
  • Gas Furnace - $500
  • Gas-Condensing Water Heater - $400
  • Hi-Efficiency Gas Storage Water Heater - $100
  • Hi-Performance Gas Storage Water Heater - $200
  • Gas Tankless Water Heater - $400
  • Solar Electric Water Heater - $400
  • Solar Gas Water Heater - $400
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