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What is Good Hair In the Black Community

Seante'l Davis styling her hair. Seante'l Davis styling her hair.
Genise Golf getting hair styled at Carolina Styles. Genise Golf getting hair styled at Carolina Styles.
By Artisa Ricks
Posted March 17, 2010 10:34 AM EST  
  While hair may not seem all that important to many people, it is important to many in the black community.

   There is a perception among black women about what is "good hair." Some argue that it is relaxed hair, some say its natural, and others say good hair is just hair that is well taken care of.

   USC student Seante'l Davis agrees it's important.

   "Good hair is the hair you see on all the commercials when you see black women," said Davis.   "Either it's a long a flowing weave that's all tousled and pretty or it's the natural look that most of the time isn't natural its usually curlers in permed or relaxed hair."

   Davis says its annoying black women are portrayed on television with pretty curly hair or long flowing hair that's usually a weave.  Weaves are artificial hair women add for length and volume.

    Davis says if you have hair on your head then you have good hair.  She wears her hair naturally and thinks you don't have to have a chemical relaxer, that straightens your hair for your hair to be considered good.  USC student Genise Golf uses a relaxer to keep her hair manageable.

   "Hair that's not nappy, really tight and really curly, like I guess a hair you can run a comb through, hair that you don't have to relax or that you can wash and it just curls up similar to that of white people's hair," Goff says .  "I choose to have a relaxer though I do have good hair it grows out long.  It's just not manageable."


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