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USC Student Victim of Spring Break Crime

USC student Anastasia Zourzoukis says she was pick pocketed in Key West over spring break. USC student Anastasia Zourzoukis says she was pick pocketed in Key West over spring break.

By: Erica Montgomery

March 16, 2010 10:04 AM

Just as Mexico begins to welcome more spring break visitors, violence is threatening tourism in the country.  The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel alert to U.S. citizens traveling to Mexico because of violence involving that nation's drug cartels.

But USC student Anastasia Zourzoukis found trouble during her spring break right here in the United States.

"I had... a little Vera Bradley satchel, so I had my debit card, one hundred dollars cash, ID and like a cell phone all in it, in like a side purse," said Anastasia.

She was in Key West for spring break when she was robbed.

"I reached in my purse and it felt really light and I realized my cell phone in the little thing was missing," said Anastasia.

This left her with nothing.

"What sucks is that I was like fifteen hours away, so I had no cell phone, I had took all my cash out with me and my debit card so I didn't have anything," she said.

USC police officer Eric Grabski says these incidents are common.

"When students go off to spring break they're concerned with having a good time, they're concerned with going out and being with one another. Sometimes we can our guard down and that creates an opportunity for criminals," said Grabski.

Grabski says students should be aware of where there belongings are, even if it means keeping your wallet in your front pocket.

Anastasia says she's learned her lesson.

"I learned to make sure to keep your purse zipped, put it in front of you, and don't take all your money when you go out," said Anastasia.

Grabski says to be safe wherever you go, whether it be Mexico or in the states.

If you're planning a trip to Mexico there are things you need to know before you go!


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