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Spring Breakers Not Shopping Like They Did Last Year

Bright colored dresses are popular spring break apparel. Bright colored dresses are popular spring break apparel.
WISH has bright colored bathing suites. WISH has bright colored bathing suites.

By Laura Coker

Posted March 2, 2010 10:31AM

Spring break is just days away and many students are getting ready for their vacation.  They're starting to make travel plans and packing their suitcases.

USC student Allison Harper is out shopping for her Jamaica vacation and says she loves this time of the year.

"Of course every girl likes to shop, but it just gives you a reason to shop for new clothes," says Harper.

She has had a stressful week with school work, so she can't wait for the end of the week when she is able to spend time with her friends and wear her new dresses.

Some Five Points store owners say they haven't seen as many customers buying items this year as they did last year.

Basement Boutique employee Chris Meihls thinks the cold weather in Columbia the past couple of months has held back shoppers.

To encourage customers to buy items, Five Points stores are having a Sidewalk Sale Saturday, March 6. Basement Boutique's having their sale all week.

"Everybody will have a sale that day, but we are just running ours from now until the sixth because we know its spring break and people are leaving so we want them to get the deals," said Meihls.

WISH is stocked with popular spring break items like dresses, jewelry, and bathing suits.

WISH store manager, Rebecca Rudzinsky say bright colored dresses are popular.

"All of the new merchandise we just got in, we are actually lowering the price right now because we know it's a really tough economic time for students especially. So everything that's coming in is actually at a lower price than ever before," Rudzinsky said.

Harper is one of the students who is trying to prepare for spring break and buy a few new clothes.

"I'm treating myself because I've been in the library all night, so I've just been going around getting dresses and stuff," says Harper.

The stores hope the spring break specials will bring more shoppers to Five Points.

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